@Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Discussions from 7pm. Music from 8. A fascist troll threatened to ‘liberate’ Stamford Hill from ‘Jewification’. We think Jewification sounds bloody brilliant.Join Jewdas, Geoff Berner, Cream Cheese and Colin Samurai for an anti racist party, with music, dancing, and discussion at Jamboree on Cable Street. We did not let them pass Read more about JEWIFICATION – A MUSICAL[…]

The Parisian Anarchist Federation Have Released A Statement On Anti-Semitism

Last month, shortly after the death of four Jews shopping at a Kosher Market in Paris, Jewdas published a translated statement by the Union Juive Francaise Pour La Paix – the French Jewish Union for Peace. We’re keen to learn more about how the French left is thinking about anti-semitism, so today we’re publishing another statement, this time by Regard Noir Read more about The Parisian Anarchist Federation Have Released A Statement On Anti-Semitism[…]

Jewdas Announce Birthwrong Trip To Spain And You’re Invited

“BirthWrong is probably the pinnacle of all human achievement. Everyone who’s anyone will be there.” – Babylonian Talmud, 20:15 See Maimonides! Get pissed! Do some Jewish tourism! Spend Shabbat with Andalusian Jews! Shvitz in a hammam! Visit a communist village! Get pissed! What is it? Bollocks to BirthRight… this is BirthWrong. This is a trip for Read more about Jewdas Announce Birthwrong Trip To Spain And You’re Invited[…]

Katsha’nes! Cockney Yiddish Music Hall

On 8th March, International Women’s Day, join Jewdas and Katsha’nes for an emeser cokney muzikzal fun der istend fun London. A Post-Purimist journey back to the golden age of the London Yiddish Music Hall, exploring the theme of gender through music, poetry and meshugas. Prior Knowledge of Yiddish optional, heckling mandatory. Kvetch to impress and Read more about Katsha’nes! Cockney Yiddish Music Hall[…]

Oppose The “Liberate Stamford Hill” Demo In Clapton

A group called National British Resistance are planning on holding an anti-Jewish rally in Clapton on March 22nd. The demo – called “Liberate Stamford Hill” – is being organised by far-right nationalist Joshua Bonehill-Paine and calls for supporters to oppose “The Jewification of Great Britain” and “draw the public’s attention to the on-going Jewish Problem”. Jewdas are calling Read more about Oppose The “Liberate Stamford Hill” Demo In Clapton[…]

The trap set for the Jews of France.

As the media furore over the Paris attacks intensifies, very few news outlets are paying any attention to what France’s Jews are actually saying. Our French khevres at Union Juive Francaise Pour La Paix published this article, translated below by Jewdas’s French Correspondent. Please read and share.   These last days we have lived through Read more about The trap set for the Jews of France.[…]