A Jewdas Carol (The Haunting of George Osborne)

Part the first… George was feeling joyful. He had spent another fun day at the office, dishing the dirt on former colleagues whilst warning of the imminent ‘red peril’ of a future Corbyn government. Truly, he was the voice of the sensible, silent majority, who want fiscal responsibility whilst only going fox hunting a couple Read more about A Jewdas Carol (The Haunting of George Osborne)[…]

How to have mind-blowing interfaith

The Jewdas guide to getting the best out of relations – between the liturgical sheets Christmas is once again upon us, when the god of the goyim inexplicably commands his followers to hang garishly bright-coloured lights in shopping centres, watch movies about the Second World War and ritually sacrifice large birds. For Jews, both secular Read more about How to have mind-blowing interfaith[…]