UJIA: The Musical

This one’s for all the youth movements out there…

(To the tune of YMCA)

Young Jews, your summer camps are so fun
We let you think, that they’re “democratically” run
I said Young Jews, you can think what you want
As long as you love Israel

Young Jews, Israel’s pretty much fine
I said Young Jews, don’t teach about Palestine
Or we won’t fund you, and your youth movements will die
On a few, rich Jews you rely

You need your funding from the UJIA
Don’t disobey us or We Will Not Pay
You’re democratic, but we get the final say
Just in case you kids vote the wrong way

You need your funding from the UJIA
Saying Kaddish for Gaza, Is Not O Kay
We inspect you each year, and control what you do
To ensure you’re the right kinda Jews

Young Jews, don’t mourn when Israel kills
I said young Jews, remember who pays your bills
We will phone up, and force your mazkirut
to condemn you on facebook

Young Jews, embody Jewish values
Youth movements, you get to do what you choose
But remember, justice has its limits
When it affects Israel’s right to exist

You need your funding from the UJIA
You must be zionist or We Will Not Pay
Non-zionism is not, an acceptable view
If you want us to count you as Jews

You need your funding from the UJIA
We fund every Jewish org In The UK
You can’t escape us, we have total control
We decide who’s on the payroll

Young Jews, please stop making a fuss
I said young Jews, don’t democratise us
We like to decide, where our wealth goes
Like the modern day pharaohs

Each year, we make youth movements compete
For our money! – well we are the elite
We want to see you, cheer the Jewish state
Tell your kids: Israel is great

You need your funding from the UJIA
For Palestinians you must never pray
They are all terrorists, even their kids
Don’t mention Gaza in your bids

UJIA we censor every Thing That You Say
Young jews, young jews you must support the jewish state
Young jews, young jews nonzionism is what we hate

UJIA you need your funding from the UJIA
Young jews, young jews you must obey us
Young jews, young jews don’t democratise us

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