Radical diaspora voices need your help! Hashem provides but maybe you could help too?
Please consider supporting our work with a donation – all contributions welcome.

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To put your generosity into context:
£2 could pay for beigels at our next shabbos dinner!
£5 pounds could pay for 150 leaflets!
£10 could pay for 300 comedy facemasks of Jewish Chronical editor, Stephen Pollard!
£50 could pay for a super awesome Jewdas banner!
£150 could help subsidize someone to attend a Birthwrong trip & learn about diaspora history & culture!

Thank you, comrade

4 thoughts on “Donate

  • From a non-Jewish middle England part-time socialist (I really don’t have the dedication to go full-time!). I can’t believe the negative press you guys and gals are having to put up with, here’s a small donation to use to carry on doing what you’re doing. Or just buy something nice if you’d prefer 😁

  • Much the same as Phil (above) really. Saw a rude, arrogant tweet this morning directed at Corbyn supporters from Sugar, so I thought I’d donate to you guys. Put it to good use or have a round on me!

  • I wish I’d donated before it was cool but better late than never! You guys are awesome and making the world a better place in the face of a tsunami of unfair criticism from within and without the community. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity and love you or not, you are getting noticed and cannot be ignored. Here’s a modest donation from me for you to carry on your brilliant work or just buy a few beigels 😀

  • Your response to being attacked was gracious and good-humoured and I appreciate the work you do to educate the left on tackling prejudice. I made a small donation and I hope others who support you do likewise. 🙂

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